Details About FM Conversion, USB and Bluetooth
FMR-2   Complete 180 Watt AM-FM Radio with Line In
USB-1   USB Add-On to the FMR-1
USB flash drives (also called Thumb Drives) have become the universal format for carrying your favorite music
around from place to place.  A single, very inexpensive USB stick can hold
more than 10,000 songs, audio
books, podcasts, movie soundtracks, etc.  With the USB-1, these USB drives can now be used in your classic
car hot rod's radio as easily as in a modern car or on your home computer.  Just plug the USB drive into the
cable on your radio, and it automatically switches over and starts playing.

And since all of Aurora Design's products are designed to integrate seamlessly together, you can control such
functions as Previous/Next, Play/Pause and Random/Sequential playback right from your radio's existing knobs.
Unlike clunky aftermarket solutions, everything is automatic and glitch-free.
The USB-1 is smart enough to continue where it left off - rather than starting over - if you stop to get gas or have lunch.  The USB-1 can also be
used to charge your phone, MP3 player or tablet (any USB device that needs charging).  Thanks to the flexibility of Aurora Design products, you
can even charge your USB devices in cars which use a 6 volt or positive ground system.

The USB-1 was engineered to work seamlessly with all Aurora Design products, so you can create the ultimate classic car radio with AM-FM
180 watt digital radio, Bluetooth audio streaming, hands-free phone and ability to hear your favorite songs regardless of radio programming.
BT-2   Bluetooth Add-On the the FMR-1
The BT-1 was designed from the ground up to fully integrate with the FMR-1 receiver, offering features and
performance that can't be matched with cheap off-the-shelf products.   Since it is built into the radio by us,
it won't occupy your cigarette lighter plug - and the only wiring is a single, semi-permanent microphone cable
which is long enough for mounting to the visor or windshield so they hear your voice, not the echo and noise.

Since the mic cable is more than 9' long, it can be routed and hugged around everything, essentially hidden.
It's important to have the mic as close to the mouth as possible to eliminate as much road noise and car
interior acoustics - leaving only the sound of your voice, and stopping people from asking you to take them
off speakerphone for lack of clarity.  

Note:  It's often best to speak "past" a mic rather than "into" it - this clears up the "p", "t" and "s" sounds.
An optional blue LED indicates Bluetooth status, much like on a new car.  When a call comes in, the radio softly mutes and phone mode engages
automatically.   Since the BT-1 is installed in the radio, it leaves the Line Inputs free for other devices.   There's no need to find a knob or
button to switch to Bluetooth, and the BT-1 holds onto the call even if quiet for several seconds.   Same applies to steaming audio.  The BT-1
stays in constant communication with the FMR-1 for solid, reliable performance rivaling that of a Bluetooth-equipped new car.

Controlling streaming audio playback is just as easy:  Just as you would tune the radio to a different channel for different music, you simply
bump the tuning knob left or right to skip to the next or previous song.  At our age, the tuning knob is a lot easier than a tiny button!
All Designed, Manufactured and Installed in the USA!
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A sizzling
180 watts total
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YES, the changes are completely internal.  YES, all your original controls will function
exactly as they did before.  YES, we can add "this" and add "that" for your custom needs.
YES, you can stream audio wirelessly from your phone or portable music player.  YES,
you can instantly plug 10,000 of your favorite songs into your classic car radio.  And to
the question asked most often, YES YES YES the 8 track player will work as it should !
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By using your ORIGINAL CONTROLS AND TUNER, this revolutionary module replaces the
entire electronics with ALL BRAND NEW STUFF for the
ultimate in long term reliability with
NO external signs that the unit has been modified!  
The basic FMR-2 conversion adds FM
STEREO to an existing AM-only radio,
and also provides the foundation upon which to add
Bluetooth and a USB reader to give your classic car radio modern-age functionality without
ugly cigarette lighter dongles, but with literally ANY choice of music you wish to enjoy.

NOTE: Maximum audio power requires isolated speaker wiring - NO grounds or commons.
Most DELCO systems 1972 and later already have a fully isolated speaker wiring setup.
If using common-ground speaker wiring, output is slightly more than the original radio.
Your Original Controls and Tuner Work Exactly as Before - PLUS !
Most stereo classic car radios have either a left-right Balance control or a front-rear Fader, but not both which limits flexibility for the user.
And obviously, an original AM radio has neither.   BUT -  regardless of your radio's original controls or lack of controls, after conversion
you can temporarily use the TONE control as either a left-right Balance control, a front-rear fader - OR BOTH!  Simply give the Tone knob
two quick turns to the right.  You'll hear a series of beeps, at which time the Tone control will adjust the front-rear speaker balance.  OR,
give the Tone control two quick turns to the left, and it becomes the left-right Balance control after you hear the beeps.  When the FMR-1
senses that you've stopped adjusting the control, a single beep confirms that the Tone control is once again the Tone control.

For the hard core "gotta keep it all original" enthusiasts, the FMR now offers TUBE EMULATION, and your converted tube radio will still
take about 10 seconds to "warm up" and start producing sound.  This eliminates the last remaining problem for car show situations !
Greatly Improved Sound and Output Power
When compared to a converted radio, an original classic car radio sounds relatively dull and lifeless - sort of like a "huge transistor radio".
Thanks to the built-in
Loudness Contourng of the FMR-1 which compensates for the human ear's inability to hear the extreme low and
high ends of the audio frequency spectrum at low volume levels, your converted radio will sound rich, full and lively at ANY volume.  As
the listening volume is increased, the loudness contouring is gradually removed to add midrange punch and not sound overprocessed.

Customers wishing to use the unit's original connectors for easy plug-in installation will appreciate the enhanced fidelity and increased
output power - however, when operated into a fully isolated speaker wiring configuration, the FMR-1 turns into an audio
with more available volume than you'll ever need.  In fact, a converted radio running through an isolated-ground 4 speaker system is
capable of supplying  88 percent of the power delivered by the stage amplifers used by Ted Nugent,  Jimi Hendrix, Geddy Lee and
thousands of other professional musicians based on the 100 watt RMS rating of a vintage Marshall stack or the popular Fender Twin.
Completely Original Outside - Brand New Inside
Install it and forget it - it's that easy.  Your converted radio will be super-reliable, and sound nothing short of fantastic.   Hear the warmth
of tube guitar amplifiers, and the ambiance and live acoustics of the Motown studio.  If your unit is a combination radio/8 track, then the
addition of my special hand-built tape head preamp will deliver a "hotter" signal with enhanced highs to overcome the inherent dullness
and limited frequency response of the 8 track format.   With a new motor and its companion hand-built speed control board, 8 tracks
are ready for another 20 years of magnificent performance as we also professionally restore the capstan's rough surface for proper grip.
Unlike the Original or a New Reproduction Radio, You Can't Hurt it
The advanced digital circuitry of the FMR-1 module offers full protection against miswiring, accidental battery reversal (which means
instant death for  most other radios), shorted or accidental grounding of speaker connections, double-battery jump and even direct
connection of speaker outputs to 12 volts.  The FMR-1 will not be damaged - at worst, it will simply shut down until the problem is fixed -
AND it will actually tell you where the problem is by means of a diagnostic LED which emits a "flash code" error message.  This error
indication system is not required for normal use, but can be mounted where it can be seen from under the dash in case of difficulties.
With Aurora Products, You're Part of a Family - an ALL AMERICAN Family !
Even if Your Radio Already Receives FM Stations
Installation of an FMR-1 conversion replaces a huge number of components which have not been in production for decades, and will
never be available again due to production cost and insufficient demand to justify such cost.   While the trend for the last few decades has
been to salvage rare parts from another unit of the same design, the supply of parts donor units - realistically - has dwindled to the point
where this is no longer a dependable option.  And with the steady increase in demand of original factory radios and 8 track players, the
price of even nonworking cores has increased such that the purchase of them simply for parts has become impractical.   This leaves the
classic car owner in a situation where big dollars might be paid to restore a unit to "stock", only for it to fail again due to unavailable parts.

Having your radio, AM or AM-FM, converted to modern electronics does away with red-hot output transistors which break down the
insulation of nearby output transformers heated through convection and radiation.  It replaces the strange 9 pin output chips in Delco
radios that give out just from being turned on one too many times, and offers four separate 45 watt amplifiers to drive your 4 speaker
system instead of using a fader to divide roughly 10 watts between front and rear speakers.   And what is likely the most important
point for the classic car owner - it keeps your radio looking all original with ZERO visible external changes if that is the desired result.
Flexible Design and Nearly Endless Possibilities
The simple addition of an external Line Input, obviously, opens up a whole new world of audio possibilities.  Anything that produces a
sort - iPod, iPhone, etc.   But a line input also accepts the signal from a satellite radio receiver, portable CD player, audio from a DVD player,
a Sony Walkman, a laptop computer, a tablet - even an electric guitar or a portable music keyboard.   As long as the signal is line level (NOT
speaker level), it will work through your converted radio.  The FMR-2 conversion can be set up for VOX operation - that is, it can be set to
automatically switch to the external input when it senses an audio signal.  With the signal removed, it automatically goes back to the radio.

The FMR-2 conversion also allows for the addition of Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming and hands-free phone operation - and if you
like to carry around 10,000 songs on a USB memory stick, a USB reader is easily added to the FMR-1 at time of installation.
NOTE - If your system has a separate 8 track player, for best performance the 8 track should also be converted - CLICK HERE
8 Track
will sound
than new!
For a Complete Description of Hookup, Use and Functions - Here Are the Manuals:
FMR-2 Basic Conversion to add FM and more audio power
(All manuals will open in a new browser - simply close that browser to again reveal this page)
BT-2 Bluetooth Add-on
USB-1  USB reader add-on
BTU - Combination Bluetooth/USB Add-on
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