Words and music by Barry Fone
© 2002 Barry Fone Music/ASCAP
A spacecraft flight through the night
Resigned to roam light years from home
A beacon shines through the blackness dividing our minds
And I can see, feel the sun - my brightest one

Chasing a thirst, floating through the universe
A mystery - control that you have over me
Strange new force reaches out, guiding my course
To the hot, blinding star - to where you are

Planets whipping by, a lone hopeful tear slipping from my eye
Fire fills my screen - you're so warm and serene
I'll reach this place, or ever I'll drift through this cold, lonely space
'Cause Baby it's true:  My passion for you

Streaks across my brain, driving me insane
If it ever settles down, again it comes around

Might there come a time I'll run out of rhyme
And you'll fly so far away from me
Knowing all the while I fly in style
But I'll never truly be free from your gravity

From a thousand years before, maybe even more
Intensely in my memory
You're the flame that burns so soft, then suddenly blasts off
To infinity

Now I'll never be the same, in this orbit I'll remain
Trapped inside your flaming galaxy
With your power over me, can't reach escape velocity
I've lost the fight, I'm looking for the light - desperately

A spacecraft flight through the night...
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