Lady Gypsy
Words, music, orchestra composition,
guitars, vocals, recording and
production by Barry Fone
©  2012  Barry Fone Music/ASCAP
Sweet gypsy girl flashing into my world
Our love an intense passion play
But the thousand mistakes that this average man makes
Will be sending me back on my way

You were the one, I knew I'd be done
If I dared to try for your heart
One fateful leap, a promise I did not keep
And my love lies in two parts

And now we can't even be friends
I don't understand why
'Cause if they just knew it's no use with you
You've always been mine

So - empty and cold missing you to my soul
And exploding with your memory,
I try to do right and never give up this fight;
It tries to take my sanity

How can I stop this emotion
That still seems to simmer in me?
Yes it must be true - am I still with you,
Lady Gypsy?
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