Sorry, No Walk-In Business is Accepted
At the risk of making myself appear unprofessional - and despite the fact that our business has enjoyed tremendous growth over the last decade
and become the world's most-recommended 8 track repair facility (in addition to one of the premier classic car radio restoration and conversion
services) - it's time to take off the costume of presentability, let the mad scientist loose and probably disappoint customers located in Arizona.
This is My Home, Man  - and I Can Only Work in My Chosen Specialties
Like most other businesses who specialize in the repair, restoration and conversion of classic car radios, I choose to work from home rather than
operate and maintain a storefront.   In my line of work, having a storefront is a surefire way to get NOTHING accomplished.  I'm not exaggerating
even a little bit when I say that more than 95% of all customers calling or walking into a storefront shop would be asking me to work on their DVD
player, cell phone, flat screen TV, CD changer, computer, tablet, police scanner, turntable, cassette deck, boom box, home theater equipment, etc.

In the EXTREMELY rare event that someone would actually walk in with an 8 track player, it's "Well I got this at a yard sale for 5 bucks and don't
want to put much more money into fixing it".  These well-meaning folks are looking for a HOBBYIST - an excited kid with a soldering iron and zero
business expenses.   Long story short, I don't engage in ANY form of advertising in my area, and there is a very good reason for it:  My SANITY.
Einstein Likes it That Way Too !
Okay, so maybe "Einey" is actually a girl - but how was I to know that
when she was 5 inches long, looking up at me from my lap with love
in her eyes?  At any rate, Einey is also very reclusive and needs her
privacy to work complex equations on her own Theory of Relativity.

Einey is strictly an indoor scientist, and extremely afraid of people.  My
brother lived with me for a year while he worked his way up at our local
radio station, and she went scampering every time Dave came close.

Notice how she always lays on my clothes - pretty darn cute!  If she
ever got out, I'm not entirely convinced that she would ever come
back because of her tendency to bolt at the slightest disturbance.  This
would affect me much worse then even losing my house.  As some
customers in the past have left my door standing wide open (despite
a very loud buzzer that TELLS them the door is still open), my only
insurance against losing her is to simply not entertain any guests.
Not a Customer-Friendly Environment, Physically or Logistically
Except for those rare occasions when I get a short break and actually have time for a little housework, my shop is frequently a frightening  jungle
of steel radio chassis, packages, test equipment I'm moving from one bench to another, wires and cables, parts - generally, not a safe environment.
At any given time the air can be filled with lead fumes from soldering, aluminum oxide particles from the sandblaster, paint fumes, strong cleaning
agents, propane, compressed air lines that could burst, heavy steel equipment that can topple when a child tries to climb on top of it - you name it.

It is impossible to guarantee that I'll be available for a customer hoping to make a short trip to drop off or pick up a repair job.  In many instances I
prefer to work overnight when there's no traffic, no phones ringing, the Internet isn't overburdened and slow, and I can zip in and zip out with my
Jack in the Box tacos or that emergency SD card that I paid too much for at Wal Mart.  To keep up with an ever-increasing workload of repair and
conversion jobs from all over the world, this kid needs to operate in "high speed, low drag" mode almost constantly - which means working alone.

I love staying up late and being up early.  Well, I definitely have the "staying up late" thing well rehearsed, but frequently find myself crawling out of
bed at the tender hour of 2 PM.  After returning the many calls I missed from car restoration shops and individual customers over a few cups of
coffee, I'm finally ready to start my day just about when most businesses are shutting down and going home.  I don't do any advertising in my
local area, and insist that all business is conducted through the shipping services - this policy applies even if a customer lives on the same street !

"But I Really Don't Feel Safe Shipping My Unit - Can't I Just Drop it By or Pick it Up Real Quick?"

While it's certainly understandable that a local customer would prefer to meet face-to-face and do business in person, I regret that I am unable to
graciously accommodate that request if I expect to get anything else done.  It's perfectly reasonable for a customer to want to see his unit working
before leaving the shop - and this is why i include a video DVD of just that with any job that could possibly be wired incorrectly on reinstallation.

As I am already working on another job by the time yours is ready to go, the process of reconnecting your unit for demonstration is EXTREMELY
disruptive to my workflow.  Admittedly, there is an occasional unit that requires a little last minute touchup after it's been sitting on the outgoing
shelf.  If it was an unusually difficult repair which took a lot of time, it's possible that my ears were fatigued and I failed to hear a remaining minor
problem until I had a few days away from the unit.  If a customer is waiting while I take the unit apart, it's too easy to rush through the very process
that needs to be done with the most patience - and this would definitely apply to a tape format that was troublesome even when it was brand new.

To date, we have successfully received and sent packages all over the country, and all over the world including Canada, Australia, Denmark,
France, Taiwan, Japan, Holland (The Netherlands), South Africa and a few other countries - with ZERO damage or any articles that were lost.

"I Only Live 10 Minutes Away and Can't Come Over?  Hmmmm ... Sounds a Little Shady To Me !"

If my avoidance of face-to-face contact and my desire to keep my home/shop private should cause any concern about my honesty and ability to
be trusted, you are already at the easiest place to check me out, and I'll help:  A brief trip to one of many website traffic monitoring sites will show
how long I've been online (since March of 2006).  The home page of my websites have a HUGE list of car restoration shops and other businesses
I've done work for.  A quick trip to the Better Business Bureau website will verify that I operate a BBB Accredited business with an A+ rating, and
even my competitors in this industry will have nothing except good things to say about me.  In particular, I exchange referrals and share much
information with such well-established shops as Ward's Classic Car Radio Repair (Huntsville, AL), Bob's Radio (Oceano, CA), 8 Track Avenue.

When you typed "8 track repair" into the Google search box, who came up at the very top of the list of search results - that is, # 1 ?  There ya go !
Thank you in advance for your understanding !