If there's anything that personifies the sense of freedom and romantic flair of
the 60's and 70's and the sweetly sensual sound of analog electronics, it's the
8 track audio format.  And if there's any shop that exudes excellence in the
preservation of this exciting cult format, it's BARRY'S 8 TRACK REPAIR.

We use the same test equipment for your
repairs now that we've been using for three
decades.  Only the best equipment is used,
such as Hewlett-Packard
military scopes,
Sencore analyzers, B & K signal generators,
Fluke meters and counters, etc.

We keep our equipment in top calibration to
ensure your unit will perform its best, and
we stand rigidly behind our work.
Imagine YOUR 8 Track Player HERE!
Every unit that comes through  BARRY'S 8 TRACK REPAIR  is given the complete tour of our
massive array of test equipment.  The above photo depicts the final stage of repairs, in which we
check and adjust for exact speed, equal output on both (or all 4) channels, similar equalization,
acceptable distortion and noise factors and, most of all, quality repairs and reliability.
My dedication to quality enables me to enjoy a failure rate of LESS THAN ONE PER YEAR !!!

To make my alignment tapes and
adjust for exact speed, I use a digital
signal generator which, unlike older
generators, does not drift because it
checks itself hundreds of times every
second and is constantly correcting
the frequency it is producing.

You are looking at the generator I
use for my alignment tapes, checked
with a precision frequency counter.
This method is much more accurate
than trying to adjust speed using
the ears alone. It's all about quality!
Note:  These participants are real 8 track machines - not paid actors!
THIS is how we adjust 8 track players around here....
Using a combination of the finest ears in the business, the best Kenwood headphones, one of my more
user-friendly scopes, a Hewlett-Packard 331A Distortion Analyzer and my own Alignment Tapes which
I developed to be FAR superior to originals, here I am tweaking up the legendary Akai CR-80D recorder.
Just as the nose becomes fatigued after sampling several perfumes, so does the ear.  But, audio-visual indications
are referenced to a grid for precise results guaranteed to knock your ears into the next universe - and then some!

Sorry -

it's a trade
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