Technical Support
Note that this service is primarily for those customers who have PAID for my services.
If non-customers find this information helpful, that's great - but DO NOT consider it an
invitation to write or call for any further guidance.  Those seeking free repair advice may
find answers in the many online Vintage Audio forums such as
"Stock Repair" customers - click  HERE
Conversion customers - click  HERE
NOTE:  Since I have included a DVD of your unit operating properly on all functions before shipment, as well as
complete instructions and/or an explanation of which wires or connector terminals connect to what behind the
dash, I do not waste precious shop time or tie up my hands assisting customers who are not technically savvy
in installing and wiring their units into cars.  Any support beyond what is offered in this section MUST be sought
via E-MAIL ONLY, and I will address such inquiries in a manner that does not hinder my work on the bench.  In
most cases, this generally means late at night when I am doing other computer related activities, or very early
in the morning when I am replying to new E-mail messages before starting my day on the bench.

E-mail questions to me ONLY after you have read and applied the information offered in the Support pages,
which you can reach by clicking on the links shown below.  Generally, if you do not already understand basic
electronics, signal flow and connection of audio gear, you run the risk of causing damage to your equipment
and it is much safer to hire a local, competent technician to wire your unit to your car's electrical system.

Note that except on conversion jobs, there is NO WARRANTY on your unit's output section.  This is the part
that is usually damaged from incorrect wiring or running the output into a shorted, open or defective speaker.
Again, it is safer to hire a local technician who can also test your speakers and confirm proper car wiring.