Sending in Your Job, Filling Out a Work Order
Before We Go Any Further:
A Home (or work) Computer and Internet Access are REQUIRED to Hire Me
Because I offer many services not available anywhere else, I enjoy a continuous and heavy workload at all times.  Thus, to prevent
unnecessary interruptions to the quality of my workmanship which is heavily influenced by my previous work for NASA and most
major manufacturers of aircraft under strict FAA jurisdiction at  
Cobham Aerospace, I do not allow individual inquiries for job status.

Instead, customers can check their unit's place in line 24/7 on my "Job Status" page and see precisely the progress of their job
through my system from arrival to completion.  Without the ability to monitor the status of their job, customers tend to get paranoid
and frantic, which is understandable for someone who has never done business with me - BUT it results in calls and inquiries
I neither allow nor have time for, excessive interruptions to my work, occasional threats, and could lead to unjust actions I do not
deserve.  For these reasons,
I will not accept ANY jobs from customers who do not have a home computer and Internet access.
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4783 N. Glenrosa Circle
Prescott Valley, AZ  86314
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Work Order
To ensure timely completion of the job to coordinate with other steps of the car restoration process - AND because
there is usually no contact between me and the actual owner of the unit, LEVEL ONE SERVICE IS NOT OFFERED

Considering the logistics of many restoration shops - owners, managers, receptionists, mechanics, technicians -
I have found it necessary to impose policies to simplify the jobs and prevent catastrophic events from occurring.
You must include a completely filled out and signed Work Order and pack the unit to MY specifications as shown
on the "Packing" page of this website.  No one, big or small, can be exempt from my necessary rules and policies.

Level 2 and 3 expedited service costs more, but keeps everything smooth and happy - the customer is not calling
you, in turn forcing you to call me, then needing to call the customer again, etc.  I DO NOT ALLOW
 "How's it coming"  inquiry since every job I have in the shop is listed on my Job Status page, and until
your turn comes up on the bench, there is nothing to report.  As the world's most popular classic car radio repair
service (based on website traffic), it is necessary to impose a set of very strict rules in order for us to do business.

I know you guys have a business to run, as well as having millions of things on your mind.  BUT - as large sums
of money and potentially irreplaceable equipment are involved, there are no "handshake" deals with my service.
Everything to the smallest detail must be agreed on IN WRITING by signing the Work Order which includes my
Terms and Conditions.  
You will need to remove and keep track of the customer's knobs, brackets, any purely
decorative items that are not needed to test and repair the unit and can be expensive or impossible to replace.
You have the customer's car in your shop - this is a handy place to store his knobs, brackets and other items.

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who is not willing to play the game my way.
My way of doing business protects both of us by preventing bad things from happening, and
allows me to work as efficiently as needed to get all the jobs done to MY standards of quality
and long term reliability.  Let's do this thing right the first time - it is a REQUIREMENT.

All jobs require a completely filled out and signed work order, and ALL PAGES must be included.

Here is a direct link to the Work Order - feel free to call 928-533-9666 with any questions: