You Tube Videos of My Work
As time permits I will be putting more and more videos on YouTube, eventually covering most popular models as
well as tutorials on how to clean and maintain your 8 track machine, short lectures on various subjects such as
which home 8 track players to avoid due to failure trends and/or parts availability issues, things to look out for
when reinstalling your car radio, tours of my shop, my ridiculously well-equipped bench and other subjects.  If
there is anything you would like me to cover in a video, it never hurts to ask.
One thing I need to mention is that my phone line is for PAYING BUSINESS ONLY .  DO NOT call me after watching
my videos unless you have a job you want to send for repair.   Any repair advice I offer is strictly through YouTube
This also applies to E-mail inquiries - if my videos don't help you fix your unit, the ONLY option I offer is to send it in.
In my videos, I place special emphasis on sound quality.  To this end I have assembled a VERY elaborate
system which allows you to actually hear the left-right shift when working the Balance control, as well
as front-rear shift when working the fader by assigning different frequency ranges to the front and rear
speakers.  This gives my videos much better sound than those from others shops who generally use a
camcorder's single built-in mic to pick up everything - including the undesirable sound of the ROOM.

In addition to my professional methods of faithfully capturing the sound with proper spatiality, I have
the music set to automatically "back off" when I'm speaking to describe the function I'm demonstrating,
and to move back into the foreground when I stop speaking.  This is an effect called "ducking" that is
used in all radio and TV commercials, and is another way of exemplifying my quest for quality sound.

It is important to point out that a conversion performed in my shop will sound identical to conversions
performed by my friends at any other shop (using Aurora products).  They sound better on my website
only because of my background and experience playing in bands and using pro sound equipment.  I am
a published songwriter whose music is available on Rhapsody and all major music download sites.  A
few songs from (and not from) my CD, released in April 2006, are included near the bottom of this page.

Please note that my videos are made with no previous rehearsals due to time constraints and a constant
heavy workload.  Thus, my speech and general delivery are anything BUT polished and professional.
These videos are strictly for demonstrating the quality of my work, which IS highly refined as you'll see.
I'm not a "Ted Koppel" type TV spokesman - let's make it more like Doc from "Back to the Future" !

Lights, Camera... let's r-r-r-r-ROLL  'EM !
FIRST UP:  My Special Delco 8 Track Modification (in conjunction with a Delco radio conversion)

For maximum output power and clearest sound from a converted radio, it's always best to rewire a common-ground speaker
system for full isolation - that is, two separate wires to each speaker with NO grounded, common or shared wires between the
speakers.  But since the speaker switching occurs inside the 8 track unit which is still common ground, the presence of the 8
track machine FORCES common ground mode for the speakers.  While this can be overcome by simply installing a LINE OUT
in the 8 track machine and disabling its amplifiers (which aren't needed anymore), the head preamp and motor control circuits
are close together which allows MOTOR NOISE to radiate into the signal - which wasn't a problem with the old amplifiers.

Thus, I have a special modification for the 8 track also.  By removing the existing audio board, then building a separate head
preamp, motor speed control board and installing my special low-noise motor, I am able to have the head preamp and speed
control circuits as far apart as possible, resulting in a drastic reduction or even complete elimination of motor noise.  After the
8 track is converted, its low-noise output is fed directly to the converted radio, along with a control signal for switching to the
radio's AUX input whenever a tape is playing.  This conversion has proven remarkably successful and is strongly recommended.

Since I charge the same price for the 8 track conversion as I do to simply repair it, this is a great and very sensible configuration.
My special hand-built tape head preamp was designed to provide a pronounced treble boost to compensate for the lack of highs
and annoying bass rumble common to the 8 track format, making your worn 8 track tapes sound MUCH brighter and clearer.

Note that my special 8 track modification applies to ALL years of both the Delco T-200 and T-400 -
works with REPRO radios also.

But don't just take my word for it - to actually hear how crisp and bright I can make the 8 track sound, click  HERE
Ford - Lincoln - Mercury
1966 FORD AM / 8 TRACK RADIO    Basic modern conversion + greatly improved sound  for the 8 track section - click  HERE
General Information and Owner Maintenance
QUAD ( 4 CHANNEL ) 8 TRACK FORMAT   Description, discussion and demonstration of early "surround" efforts - click  HERE
Note: All videos will open in a new browser so that you don't lose your place here.
When finished viewing, simply closing that browser should again reveal this page.
Most of the videos are direct copies of the demo DVD I include with the repaired unit.
( including Chevy, Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Cadillac )
Thank you for your interest !  To return to my home page, click  HERE
For more details on my conversion process including step-by-step pictures, click  HERE
If all questions are answered and you're ready to send in your radio and/or 8 track, click  HERE
TELEX 12 - TAPE AUTOMATIC 8 TRACK TAPE PLAYER / CHANGER   Part One, description and operating instructions - click  HERE
TELEX  12-TAPE AUTOMATIC 8 TRACK TAPE PLAYER / CHANGER   Part two, demonstration of operation - click  HERE
Home Units, Portables and Collectibles
1946 -1947  MOPAR MODEL 602 AM RADIO   Basic modern conversion showing use of "virtual" Balance and Fader - click  HERE
1970 CHARGER, BARRACUDA AM / 8 TRACK   Modern conversion to add Stereo FM, using unit's original connectors - click  HERE
Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth - See "Mopar" Below
On most Blaupunkt radios, the tuner pushbuttons only work for certain broadcast bands.  Not so after conversion - click  HERE
1950 - 1951 MERCURY AM RADIO - Showing massive repair job I performed on the broken tuner linkages - click  HERE
1950 - 1951 MERCURY AM RADIO - same radio as above, converted with Bluetooth and USB reader functions - click  HERE
1965 NOVA - Radio conversion including Bluetooth, USB reader, AUX input, preamp outs and subwoofer output  jacks - click  HERE
1968 CHRYSLER AM RADIO  Modern conversion with AUX in, Stereo FM, Bluetooth and USB reader functions added - click  HERE
Custom Builds
1970 LINCOLN MARK III  AM / 8 TRACK  Basic modern conversion, with FM Stereo LED mounted in dial face - click  HERE
1960 - 1961  RCA AP-1   Cool 45 RPM car record player !  Post-repair demonstration showing operation out of cabinet - click  HERE
1960 - 1961  RCA AP-1 Cool 45 RPM car record player   Fully assembled and operating with customer's converted radio - click  HERE
DELCO RADIO / 8 TRACK - smaller 1972 series, same basic design used in later years (already has isolated grounds) - click  HERE
1966 T-BIRD  AM / 8 TRACK   Basic modern conversion to add FM stereo and greatly increased audio power - click  HERE
"VIRTUAL" BALANCE AND FADER FUNCTIONS   Why it's best to use these instead of the original controls - click  HERE
1976 T-BIRD  AM / FM / 8 TRACK   Modern conversion for much improved FM reception, uses original connectors - click  HERE
Muntz 4 Track
Demonstration of a heavily modified Muntz M-70 / M/80 using the customer's 6 volt to 12 volt adaptor - click  HERE
"STIFFENING" CAPACITORS  and how installing one can beef up a radio's power supply and improve sound - click  HERE
TAPE-EATING  and why this problem is NEVER a fault of the machine, but from bad tapes or poor owner maintenance - click  HERE
1967 IMPALA - AM radio with (mono) FM added, using radio's original connectors.  All original electronics remain intact - click  HERE
TAPE-EATING  and periodic MACHINE maintenance the owner must do on a regular basis to prevent this from happening - click  HERE
CRAIG - PIONEER "STEREO 8"  Explanation, repair and adjustment of  the unusual tape retention mechanism - click  HERE
Some of My Live Performances As a Classic Rock Guitarist
Sultans of Swing
( I'm the skinny guy on the right with the blue guitar )
Saturday Night's Allright For Fighting
Fast As You
Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'
China Grove
All Right Now
Secret Agent Man
Locomotive Breath
Songs From My CD, Released in April 2006
( All lyrics, orchestra compositions, instruments and vocals by Barry Fone.  Produced by Barry Fone )
In the Next Life
Twenty Four Seven
Second Conversation
I Wish I Were the One
Can't We Get Over Each Other Together?
Gentle For You
Now You Say it's Over
A Few of My Brother's Local TV Appearances
We'll Work it Out
Movie Reviews - Sandy Moss'
"Morning Scramble" Show
Movie Reviews #2 - Sandy Moss'
"Morning Scramble TV Show
Lady Gypsy
Once Two Hearts Have Passed
Give an Inch
When We Fell in Love
American Motors
1972 Javelin AMX - This video proves that I can make the 8 track section sound BETTER than the day
it rolled off the assembly line 40+ years ago using my special hand-built head preamp - click  
1970 DELCO RADIO / 8 TRACK - the huge and heavy model with rows of fins on the left side.  Full modern conversion - click  HERE
An 8 track player I built from scratch to fit into a customer's 2013 Charger center console, posted by the customer - click  HERE
Step by step pictures of the unit's construction including steel cabinet, showing off my sheet metalworking skills - click  HERE
( Space below reserved for future AMC videos.  Please scroll down for other brands )
( Space below reserved for future videos on home units and collectibles - please scroll down for other types )
"WARRANTY" RETURN ?  Watch me unpack it and test it on the bench, proving that it still works perfectly (of course!)  Click  HERE
My Radio Jingles
Station Identification jingle for Chicago internet station WSVN (20 second spot) - click  HERE
MY OWN 30 SECOND RADIO COMMERCIAL - using my alternate company name "8 Track Repair Center" which is much
easier to remember on one hearing and also eliminates any confusion about spelling and the apostrophe contained in the
"Barry's 8 Track Repair" name.  The mention of the company's URL in the jingle enables me to get the full message across
in 30 seconds without the need and extra time required to add a voiceover.  To hear what locals in my area hear, click  
1975 GREMLIN - "Stock" repair on the Audiovox QD-500, also used in some other 1975 cars made by Chevy, Ford,
Buick, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, and also offered as an aftermarket stereo.  Features a QUAD 8 track deck - click  
PANASONIC RE-7070  AM-FM-8 Track receiver.  Large, heavy model with the sliding panel over the 8 track - click  HERE
JULIETTE 8 track player with bult-in speaker amplifiers, showing that "cheap" didn't necessarily mean "bad" - click  HERE
CRAIG - PIONEER "STEREO 8"   How to compensate for shrunken rollers on these few problematic tapes - click  HERE
Aftermarket Car 8 Track Units
MOTOROLA QUADRALINE  8 (Model TM920S1) Quadraphonic 8 track player - click   HERE
SHOP TOUR, showing my bench gear, and the audio portion of the gear I use for demo DVD's and You Tube videos - click  HERE
1972 Javelin - Same unit as above, but repaired to "stock"  Hear the saddening difference - click  HERE
MOTOROLA QUADRALINE  (Model TM912S1) Quadraphonic 8 track player - click  HERE
PIONEER QP-424  Quadraphonic car 8 track player - click  HERE
HEAD REPLACEMENT - Hear the difference as I replace a worn, dull sounding head right there on camera - click  HERE
1968 CHRYSLER AM/8 TRACK   Converted to FM using original connectors (2 speakers), resulting in reduced audio power - click  HERE
FREQUENCY RESPONSE - How the 8 track format compares to our aging ears, using an Acoustic Response Analyzer - click  HERE
Hotel Room 69
1951 FORD AM RADIO - converted to Stereo FM and modern electronics w/virtual balance and fader functions - click  HERE
70's DODGE AM RADIO Converted to Stereo FM and 4 speakers - emphasizing activation and use of virtual functions - click  HERE
SEARS FM Radio/8 Track Player, converted to modern electronics with more power - click  HERE
1970 CHARGER, BARRACUDA AM-8 TRACK UNIT showing my replacement track change/eject plunger assembly - click  HERE
1970 CHARGER, BARRACUDA AM-8 TRACK UNIT  (same as above unit: final post-assembly, pre-shipment test)  Click  HERE
DELCO T-400 STANDALONE 8 TRACK PLAYER  - basic "stock" repair, no conversion or extra features - click  HERE
1967 MUSTANG AM / 8 TRACK RADIO converted to add Stereo FM and 4 speaker operation with more audio power - click  HERE
DELCO T-200 STANDALONE 8 TRACK PLAYER - my special conversion to work with a converted or repro radio - click  HERE
REALISTIC TR-80  Home 8 track player with built-in speaker amplifiers, Phono and AUX inputs - click  HERE
PANASONIC PORTABLE MODEL RS-833S short and sweet video demonstrating its operation after repairs - click  HERE
1978 DODGE AM / 8 TRACK RADIO    Converted to receive FM statiions and showing off my special tape head preamp - click  HERE
1970 MUSTANG AM / 8 TRACK RADIO, stock repair job.  This unit still has good output transformers, rare for this model - click  HERE
1966 T-BIRD  AM / 8 TRACK RADIO, stock repair job.  output transformers are still good, making stock repair possible - click  HERE
CHELCO PORTABLE AM-FM-8 TRACK PLAYER  Small, cute little unit with sharp looks and tiny speaker - click  HERE
Click Here For My Phone Number
CHRYSLER AM-FM  RADIO with modern conversion.  Video taken  with customer and son watching and participating - click  HERE
FORD QUADRASONIC AM-FM- 8 TRACK   "Stock" repair, no conversion - click  HERE
MOTOR SPEED CONTROL BOARD ASSEMBLY - Primarily published as an aid for subcontractors building them for me - click  HERE
PIONEER H-R99 and H-R100 - Final performance test of not one, not two, but EIGHT of these fine machines - click  HERE
House is a-Rockin'
Short video of above unit playing in the customer's cool Model A Ford - click  HERE
BARRY'S 8 TRACK REPAIR - THE NEW STATE OF THE ART showing my use of true stereo, real time FFT spectral analysis - click  HERE
BARRY'S 8 TRACK REPAIR - Showing actual final head adjustment using the method introduced above - click  HERE
DELCO FULL SYSTEM CONVERSION with the older T-200 style 8 track deck, also has the USB reader function installed - click  HERE
LINCOLN MARK III AM-8 TRACK - Same model as above, but wired to the customer's original connectors - click  HERE
CARING FOR YOUR TAPES including a little-known trick for testing tapes for proper balance between tension and slack - click   HERE
BUICK FULL SYSTEM CONVERSION, with newer T-400 8 track deck.  Bluetooth, USB, AUX input, my special  8 track preamp - click  HERE
UPLOADED BY THE CUSTOMER:  Lear Jet Quadraphonic 8 Track Player - click  HERE
UPLOADED BY THE CUSTOMER:  Bon Sonic Quadraphonic 8 Track Player - click  HERE
Older "Performance Verification" Videos
These are simply copies of the primitively produced DVD's I first started including with customers' repaired units, mainly to protect myself
against bogus "warranty" claims caused by customers who hooked up their units incorrectly and blew things up as a result.  These early
efforts at video production were never meant to be made public - and as such, were made with "Dollar General" video equipment in most
cases.  You'll hear hum and noise, and in many cases the sound will be coming from one microphone only.  Some of the models depicted
below have since been covered in the better quality videos shown above.   Just the same, these early videos reinforce the fact that I've been
a highly skilled 8 track technician for a good many years.  And if you want to know a little secret, including these videos adds to the overall
number and brings me closer to my goal of having more than 100 videos pertaining to my work on 8 track machines.  Once I surpass the
magical number of 100, I may give my obsession a rest and get back on the bench where I should be - fixing the many still awaiting service !
FORD QUADRAPHONIC AM-FM-8 TRACK  repaired to original stock which is not always possible - click  HERE
DELCO T-400 8 TRACK PLAYER repaired to original stock which IS always possible - click  HERE
1970 Chrysler (Challenger, Barricuda, etc.) AM - 8 Track unit, repaired to original stock - click  HERE
FORD STEREO AM-FM-8 TRACK repaired to original stock - click  HERE
OFF BRAND AM-FM-CASSETTE (I normally don't work on cassette players, but you might check anyway) - click  HERE
DELCO AM-FM-8 TRACK repaired to original stock which is not always possible for long term reliability - click  HERE
DELCO T-400 8 TRACK PLAYER repaired to original stock.  Click  HERE
DELCO 1972 AND LATER AM-FM-8 TRACK repaired to original stock - click  HERE
JVC QUADRAPHONIC 8 TRACK PLAYER repaired to original stock - click  HERE
ANOTHER FORD QUADRASONIC AM-FM-8 TRACK repaired to original stock (not always possible - click  HERE
1969 MUSTANG AM - 8 TRACK repaired to original stock, VERY SELDOM possible and NEVER smart - click  HERE
LATE 60'S FORD AM - 8 TRACK repaired to original stock, same caveats as above unit - click  HERE
WHAT'S THIS - ANOTHER FORD QUAD AM-FM-8 TRACK?  Same caveats as similar units above - click  HERE
Part 1: 1968 - 69 PONTIAC 8 TRACK, a really weird version of the Delco T-200 used in very few systems - click  HERE
Part 2: 1968 - 69 PONTIAC 8 TRACK, continuation of video above - click  HERE
CHRYSLER STANDALONE 8 TRACK PLAYER repaired to original stock - click  HERE
ABOVE UNIT RETURNED, no fault found.  This is precisely why I started making these videos!  Click  HERE
JUST ONE MORE Ford Quadrasonic AM-FM-8 Track repaired to original stock (not always possible) - click  HERE
RCA QUADRAPHONIC 8 TRACK PLAYER - returned, no fault found.  Explains tape tension - click  HERE
1964 PLYMOUTH SPORT FURY (Mopar model 220).  This video also shows off my impeccible workmanship - click  HERE
TAPE HEAD DEMAGNETIZING, and how I know precisely how much it was magnetized - click  HERE
LEVEL OF TEARDOWN involved in converting the separate 8 track to perform best with a converted radio - click  HERE
1967 PONTIAC, full Delco system conversion with the older T-200 model 8 track player - click  HERE
Jensen (Lear Jet)
1970 CHEVELLE  SS  AM-8 TRACK, modern conversion, showing off the crisper 8 track sound from my hand-built preamp - click  HERE
1967 MUSTANG AM / 8 TRACK RADIO modern conversion using customer's original connectors at reduced output - click  HERE
NO-NAME "Mini 8", a fairly popular car unit with a handy front panel head height adjustment - click  HERE
(Probably the most entertaining video, sort of a slam on the copyright owners of music I use for demos)
1972 OLDSMOBILE 442, Full Delco System Conversion, once again showing off my magic with the brighter sounding 8 track - click  HERE
1958 EDSEL CORSAIR - converted, showing how the tone switch is used to change the function of the volume control - click  HERE
AKAI CR-81D showing the fantastic wow and flutter performance of my adjustable speed replacement motor - click  HERE
THE HIGH END AKAI MACHINES, showing how they all run just a touch slow until they have MY new motor - click  HERE
1974 LINCOLN MARK IV showing preliminary testing of 8 track section before installing into the converted radio - click   HERE
1974 LINCOLN MARK IV complete unit, final pre-shipment test and performance verification (copy of included DVD) - click  HERE
1964 BUICK RIVIERA "Sonomatic" AM Radio converted to add FM and external AUX input - click  HERE
First, the Services Available ONLY at Barry's 8 Track Repair
(Because Some Are MY OWN Inventions and Developments)
and General Information about the Many Services I Offer
FULL DELCO SYSTEM CONVERSION, converting the separate 8 track unit ALSO for maximum fidelity - click  HERE
TAPE HEAD DEMAGNETIZING, and how I know precisely HOW MUCH it was magnetized - click  HERE
BARRY'S 8 TRACK REPAIR - Showing actual final head adjustment using the method introduced above - click  HERE
SHOP TOUR, showing my bench gear, and the audio portion of the gear I use for demo DVD's and You Tube videos - click  HERE
1955 T-BIRD AM RADIO converted to FM, basic conversion, also shows how to set their station preset buttons - click  HERE
1970 CHALLENGER AM-FM RADIO converted to modern electronics with greatly increased audio power and AUX input - click  HERE
1966 MUSTANG AM-8 TRACK  Basic modern conversion, comparison to original unit showing my workmanship - click  HERE
1966 LINCOLN AM-8 TRACK CONVERSION  With master input-output box and my NEW way of testing the line outs - click  HERE
CRAIG - PIONEER 3108A  Standard repair/restoration with USB ports (for charging only) - click  HERE
After 40 years of waiting, wishing and hoping, Barry finally gets his Garrard Zero 100 turntable for a cool $7.50 - click  HERE
1978 CORVETTE PACE CAR  Modern conversion for greatly increased audio power and enhanced FM stereo reception - click  HERE
1970 PLYMOUTH ROADRUNNER CONVERTIBLE  converted to modern electronics with Bluetooth, USB and AUX input - click   HERE
1968 AMC AMX - FM Conversion with Bluetooth and USB Reader - click  HERE
LEAR JET A-250, AM-FM-8 TRACK UNIT used in the Jensen Interceptor.  Modern conversion - click  HERE
1973 T-BIRD AM-FM-8 Track unit converted to modern electronics, using customer's original connectors - click  HERE
1966 MUSTANG AM-8 TRACK conversion with Bluetooth and USB reader, plus extra USB port for charging only - click  HERE
1963 JAGUAR Blaupunkt AM-FM-MW radio, set up for 12 volt POSITIVE GROUND with Bluetooth and USB reader - click  HERE
1977 CORVETTE AM-FM-8 TRACK UNIT converted to modern electronics with USB reader and Bluetooth additions - click  HERE
1973 CADILLAC DeVILLE AM-FM-8 TRACK RADIO, modern conversion for greatly increased audio power - click  HERE
1966 LINCOLN AM-8 TRACK CONVERSION - above unit operating in the customer's dash, thanks to Carlos for sending - click  HERE
On many Delco radios that were already AM-FM, I can DOUBLE the number of FM station presets - watch the video  HERE
1978 TRANS AM AM-FM-8 TRACK UNIT converted to modern electronics, configured to DOUBLE the number of FM presets - click  HERE
British Leyland
1974 MGB AM RADIO converted to add stereo FM and massive amounts of output power for up to 4 speakers - click  HERE
1978 CORVETTE AM-FM-8 TRACK UNIT repaired to standard stock, which is not the best option for long term reliability - click  HERE
AUDIOVOX TPB-4000  AM-FM-8 TRACK, nice unit with built-in power booster, separate bass and treble - click  HERE
1970 MUSTANG AM-8 TRACK  modern conversion to add FM, using customer's original connectors at reduced power - click  HERE
1976 CADILLAC AM-FM-8 TRACK UNIT  Basic proof of performance video on a "stock" repair job, no conversion - click  HERE
1976 CADILLAC FLEETWOOD AM-FM-8 TRACK CONVERSION using unit's original connectors at reduced output - click  HERE
1971 DODGE POWER WAGON AM-FM-8 TRACK converted to modern electronics for increased power output - click  HERE
1972 NISSAN SKYLINE AM RADIO CONVERSION to add FM, USB, Bluetooth and AUX input - click  HERE
My special TEST FIXTURE to test various compatibility uncertainties in regard to radio conversions, a huge timesaver - click  HERE
Scroll down for more videos - this space was created to allow for more to be added
TEST FIXTURE PART 2, fully wired and showing how it reduces more than an hour of work to 2 minutes and 18 seconds - click   HERE
TEST FIXTURE PART 3, labeled with module holddown device, wooden base, ready for action and finally off my mind - click  HERE
PONTIAC 8 TRACK WITH BLUETOOTH, the Delco T-200 fitted with Bluetooth for wireless streaming WITHOUT converting the radio - click  HERE  
1969 CHRYSLER AM-8 TRACK UNIT repaired to original stock, shows details of all repair work on certain candidates - click  HERE
"SO WHAT ALL DO YOU DO ON A STOCK REPAIR JOB?"  This video takes you through a brief description - click  HERE
1953 MOPAR MODEL 824  Modern conversion to add stereo FM and a wired AUX input, shows how to preset stations - click  HERE
LEAR JET H-310 Small and simple component player - also includes discussion of my work on Lear Jet avionics - click  HERE
1970 PLYMOUTH ROADRUNNER AM-8 TRACK with FM conversion and master input-output box, uses original connectors - click  HERE
FORD QUAD UNIT CONVERSION - showing 8 track converted to standard stereo, saving the customer $250 - click  HERE
FORD QUAD UNIT CONVERSION - above unit completed with Bluetooth, USB, AUX jacks and master input-output box - click  HERE
1968 IMPALA SS-427      Basic modern conversion to add output power and updated electronics to the AM-FM radio - click  HERE
1977 FORD PINTO  AM-8 Track Radio.  Stock repair, no conversion (not always possible) - click   HERE
1966 MOPAR MODEL 366 AM-FM RADIO, modern conversion with Bluetooth and added Balance and Fader controls - click   HERE
1972 OLDSMOBILE, another full Delco system conversion with Bluetooth, Aux input and master 4.1 channel output box - click  HERE
DELCO T-400 8 TRACK UNIT used with mixer/crossover box for 1972 Chevy trucks only - click   HERE
1968 FORD GALAXIE GT XL ------ AM / 8 TRACK RADIO modern FM conversion with USB, using original connectors - click   HERE
1972 OLDSMOBILE TORONADO AM-FM-8 TRACK UNIT converted to modern electronics with AUX input - click   HERE
1968 DODGE CHARGER AM-8 TRACK RADIO with FM conversion using 12-wire harness for INCREASED AUDIO POWER - click  HERE
1976 PONTIAC FIREBIRD - TRANS AM 8 track player - Delco T-400, stock repair with no conversions or changes - click  HERE
1970 BARRICUDA AM-8 TRACK RADIO repaired to standard stock with line input added, no other changes - click  HERE
1971 MUSTANG AM-8 TRACK conversion to add FM, high power, line input and brighter sound from the 8 track - click  HERE
1968 GALAXIE  AM RADIO converted to add FM, increased audio power, Bluetooth and AUX input - click  HERE
The first of the FONE FIX Series:  Fabricating replacement electronic and/or mechanical parts from scratch when new replacements
are not available.  This first installment, showing testing, tweaking and adjustment of only the 8 track section, features three fixes
that have been available ONLY at my shop for years, PLUS a fourth solution for replacing a mechanical part that could only be found
in a similar model - not an option for this rare and sought-after unit.  Get comfortable, this is an hour-long video.  Ready?  Click  
FINAL PRE-SHIPMENT TESTING on above unit which now also has Bluetooth, USB and master input/output box - click  HERE
LONG TERM RELIABILITY is what my service is all about, thus I will not use a certain type of connector - click   HERE
FULL SYSTEM CONVERSION, separate radio and 8 track unit with the 8 track also converted for maximum fidelity - click   HERE
1970 OLDSMOBILE SX 8 TRACK PLAYER  standalone 8 track player, wires mislabeled by customer and corrected for test - click  HERE
1966 T-BIRD AM/FM RADIO modern conversion with Bluetooth and external master input/output box - click  HERE
1970 CHALLENGER AM-8 TRACK UNIT, FM conversion with Bluetooth and USB Reader.  Bluetooth demonstration - click  HERE
CONTACT CLEANERS - If they "leave no residue", they're also not leaving anything needed for the long haul.  See my demo  HERE
1953 JAGUAR, Radiomobile AM radio converted to add FM and positive ground compatibility - click  HERE
CONTACT CLEANERS PART 2, showing some of the gear on which I will only use good ol' fashioned, cheap WD 40 - click  HERE
1970 CHALLENGER/BARRACUDA AM-8 TRACK UNIT "re-conversion" from another manufacturer to Aurora Design - click  HERE
FORD DIGITAL TUNING QUADRAPHONIC AM-FM-8 TRACK RADIO, and why I don't accept this model for repair - click  HERE
ANOTHER FORD QUAD AM-FM-8 TRACK  "Stock" repair, no conversion - click  HERE
CHANNEL MASTER MODEL 6382 CAR UNIT, used as the sound producing device in an arcade game - click   HERE
1970 PONTIAC 8 TRACK PLAYER, this video shows and explains items I am NOT responsible for such as knobs and brackets - click  HERE
HOW TO DETERMINE WHICH SIZE BELT YOU NEED FOR YOUR 8 TRACK PLAYER, a few different methods will work - click  HERE
1970 CHALLENGER/BARRACUDA AM-8 TRACK showing my replacement for a missing track change/eject plunger - click   HERE
AKAI CR-83D basic pre-shipment demonstration of this popular deck - click  HERE
CONTACT CLEANERS, showing a massive job on which I will only use a certain type of contact cleaner spray - click  HERE
NO-NAME STEREO 8 standalone car 8 track player.  Stock repair, nice little unit boasting an entire 2 watts per side LOL - click  HERE
CARTRIDGE OPENING TOOL that you can make to greatly speed up the process of opening carts for service - click  HERE
CRAIG 3136 COMBINATION FM TUNER AND 8 TRACK PLAYER, a cool little underdash unit, repaired to standard stock - click  HERE
PANASONIC RF-7400 PORTABLE RADIO/8 TRACK UNIT, a very nice sounding and ruggedly built machine - click  HERE
1970 CHARGER AM-8 TRACK CHROME FACE STYLE (B9MC) with FM conversion and Bluetooth - click  HERE
1967 SHELBY GT-500 8 track radio conversion, using the radio's original connectors at reduced output power - click  HERE
1976 CADILLAC EL DORADO CONVERTIBLE 8 track radio, modern conversion with Bluetooth, USB and master input-output box - click  HERE
FONE FIX - My unique solution for an impossible-to-find toothed belt in some Chrysler AM-8 Track radios - click  HERE
PANASONIC RS-805  Demonstration of this often-seen small, budget priced recording deck - click  HERE
MAD SCIENTIST PROJECT - Making it easier and faster to replace my bench multimeter when necessary - click  HERE
MAD SCIENTIST PROJECT  Part 2 of above video, showing completed meter holder with test head preamp built in - click  HERE
Since this page is all about videos, first let me share the system I use to create these videos.  As of 10-1-2017,
my video setup encompasses no fewer than
38 cameras in order to allow the customer to observe the results
of every possible test that can be performed on a car radio or 8 track machine.  Check out my cool setup  
1969 DODGE SUPER BEE  Modern conversion on original AM-8 Track unit to add FM, AUX input and USB reader - click  HERE
COMING SOON:  An exhaustive and detailed video explaining various aspects of DISTORTION,
with the main emphasis being on HARMONIC distortion.  You've seen the phrase "Total Harmonic
Distortion" (or its abbreviation THD) in various amplifier specs, but what exactly does it mean ?
Have you ever seen the phrases "First harmonic, second harmonic, third harmonic", etc. in the
specs?  NEVER.  But stay tuned - and I will be explaining, demonstrating and measuring it shortly.
1971 MONTE CARLO AM-FM-8 TRACK  modern conversion with Bluetooth, USB, Aux Input and My Hand-Built tape preamp - click  HERE
1978 FORD AM-FM-8 TRACK converted to modern electronics for massive output power, also added AUX input - click  HERE
1978 FORD AM-FM-8 TRACK tuner clutch assembly, how it works and what to do if it will not tune manually - click  HERE
1966 LINCOLN AM-8 TRACK modern conversion with FM, Bluetooth and AUX input - click  HERE
1976 Cadillac AM-FM-8 Track,  modern conversion for greatly increased output power, also added Bluetooth - click  HERE
EQUIPMENT AND PARTS SALES TO OTHER SHOPS:  Pre-shipment test of a Leader LFM-39 Wow and Flutter Meter - click  HERE
1970 CHEVELLE AM-8 TRACK, another modern FM conversion on this 10 pound monster, this time with Bluetooth - click  HERE
PIONEER H-R100 deck.  Not two, not eight, but ONE of these fine machines ready to go back to her owner - click  HERE
1970 COUGAR AM-8 TRACK UNIT with FM conversion and USB reader, using customer's original connectors - click  HERE
SUPERSCOPE TDR-830  short pre-shipment demonstration of this moderately popular home 8 track machine - click  HERE
1969 MUSTANG MACH 1 AM-8 TRACK UNIT, repaired to standard stock (no conversion) - click  HERE
VOLKSWAGON SAPPHIRE AM-FM (MONO) RADIO, repaired to standard stock (usually not practical)  - click  HERE
COMPARISON BETWEEN A WORN PLAYBACK HEAD AND A NEW ONE, seeking customer's approval to charge for a new head - click  HERE
1967 LINCOLN AM RADIO with FM conversion, Bluetooth and wired to customer's original connectors - click  HERE
1968 DODGE CHARGER AM-8 TRACK UNIT with FM conversion, using the customer's original connectors - click  HERE
CRAIG PIONEER 3302 Small component recording deck, needed new motor and routine maintenance - click  HERE
ABOVE UNIT RETURNED, but found to be working perfectly, even enduring my very non-gentle SMACK TEST - click  HERE
1955 FORD AM RADIO converted to AM-FM, for use in vehicle with a 6 volt positive ground power system - click  HERE
BLAUPUNKT AM-FM RADIO with "reverse FM" tuning (high frequencies on left side of tuning dial), modern conversion - click  HERE
1960 PLYMOUTH (MOPAR MODEL 810) AM RADIO.  Basic FM conversion on this 6 volt, positive ground radio - click  HERE
1967 MUSTANG AM-8 TRACK CONVERTED TO FM with Bluetooth, USB, AUX and MY brighter-sounding tape preamp - click  HERE
Rolls Royce
ROLLS ROYCE 8 TRACK, and the crazy measures I'll take to replace the motor in this fine machine - click  HERE
ROLLS ROYCE AM-FM RADIO converted to modern electronics using original connectors - click  HERE
ROLLS ROYCE 8 TRACK - above unit, final pre-shipment performance test (repaired to stock) click  HERE
1973 LINCOLN MARK IV Combination 8 track radio, converted to modern electronics with Bluetooth and master I/O box - click  HERE
1970 CUDA 8 TRACK RADIO stock repair, no conversion - just another performance verification video - click  HERE