My actual records of Navy Electronics Training, as well as statistics and performance
reviews from my last day job, will be uploaded to this page as time permits.

U.S. Navy Electronics School - 1980, Millington TN - Diploma and Letter of Commendation

SLM Electronics, Technician (Manufacturer of Crate and Ampeg guitar amps)

Pacesetter Electronics, St. Louis, Mo. - Manufacturer for 3M, Muzak and Illinois Farm Bureau

Cobham Aerospace, Technician - Manufacturer of High End Avionics

Below is one of the benches I worked at Cobham Aerospace

This was not my "main" bench, as this is the Production department and I was normally in the Repair department. I worked several benches at Cobham, encompassing more than 20 specialized products

such as Automatic Direction Finders, Distance Measuring Equipment, Navigation and Communication

gear, Audio Control Panels, Antenna Amplifiers, Flight Phones - and even built and fixed test panels.